About tipton associates Incorporated
Tipton Associates Incorporated was founded in 1972 by William E. Tipton Sr. Initially the firm provided traffic and transportation services primarily across the southeastern portion of the United States.
What sets Tipton Associates Incorporated apart was what we learned early on. That is as when we were only providing traffic analysis, we found the typical civil design engineer was not designing the project so it would function properly. We had to guide the hand of the civil engineer as he accomplished the project plans to incorporate the needed traffic engineering features. The traffic engineering features needed included assisting with parking lot layout, internal circulation, turning radii within the parking lot and at the driveways, driveway grades, customer access needs, and the accommodation of large delivery trucks.
Today the firm provides, Traffic, Transportation, and Civil Engineering services. This provides us with the unique capability for our staff to guide a project from inception to completion with a continuing chain of engineering responsibility. What we deliver is a final product that will function as desired.

   •Traffic Engineering
   •Transportation Impact Fees
   •Design Plans
   •Emiment Domain Testimony
   •Site Access and Circulation
   •Expert Opinion

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