Services Provided By tipton associates Incorporated
Tipton Associates Incorporated provides engineering services in six major areas. They are Traffic Engineering, parking, Transportation Impact Fees, Access and Circulation, Construction Design Plans and Expert Opinions.
Traffic Engineering: The firm accomplishes all kinds of traffic engineering analyses including traffic signal warrant analyses and traffic impact analyses. The firm has accomplished traffic impact analyses for many types of developments. They include local and regional shopping facilities, residential developments, mixed use developments, hospitals, office developments and schools.
Parking: The firm has determined the parking needed for many types of projects. The firm has worked on parking layouts for all of the above types of land uses. The parking work has included the layout and circulation analyses for parking garages and the design of surface parking lots.
Transportation Impact Fees: The firm has accomplished alternative transportation impact fee analyses for a number of developments. The firm has determined the fair share due from many developments. The firm has developed the transportation impact fee technical analysis for governmental agencies.
Access and Circulation: The firm incorporated access and circulation into all of its efforts. This includes the safe and efficient accommodation of pedestrians, automobiles, large trucks, trucks with low trailers and wreckers towing large trucks.
Design Plans: The construction design plans accomplished by the form include site design, roadway and intersection design, traffic signal design, and drainage design. The firm also accomplished project management services.
Expert Testimony – Tipton Associates Incorporated has represented both land owners and jurisdictions in eminent domain cases. Through the use of our years of full site design, we model our approach to ensure that the land owner’s property is restored as much as possible as a function site after the taking and will work with the clients attorney to insure that the client received just compensation for any loss due to the taking
Expert Opinion: The Firm provides expert testimony in the areas of accidents, site design flaws, transportation Impact analysis, site access and fair share calculations.

   •Traffic Engineering
   •Transportation Impact Fees
   •Design Plans
   •Emiment Domain Testimony
   •Site Access and Circulation
   •Expert Opinion

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